When the client found this space, she was not very pleased with the coverage and it lacked to fit the description of a home for her. It was quite jumbled and counter-productive. “I want the house to feel airy and lit, like my own independent house”, she added. The open to sky garden sat obscured in one corner of the house adjacent the kitchen, forcing it to be used as a kitchen yard. Redesigning this particular site was daunting because the columns were already raised and they were not to be disturbed. The spirit of this house remained in its open spaces and in order to make it spacious, we broke it down into segments and placed it succinctly creating an illusion of open interior and giving the whole place a glow. No alterations were done on the front facade; however, few projections were made on the sides to accommodate certain spaces that were mandatory. “The trick to renovation is not to lose the soul of the building.”

PROJECT : Residential Unit
CLIENT : Mrs. Shalini
LOCATION : Siruseri, Chennai
SCOPE : Interior Plan Redesign